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Supplier Verification audits is a specially designed audit that checks your potential suppliers against certain internationally recognized standards. The suppliers who pass the supplier audit are vendors who are working according to the highest industry standards. Subsequently, successful factory audits ensure that the vendors are able to provide a continuous supply of high-quality materials and services throughout the term of your partnership. Supplier verification audits also cover all the legal, operational and functional aspects of a vendor. This, in turn, gives you peace of mind while doing business with these vendors.

Why are Supplier Verification Audits Important?

We are sure you will not want to end up in trouble for hiring a fake vendor or a vendor that was operating illegally? That is what makes the supplier audits so important. One little mistake and you might end up in huge trouble.
Realizing the importance of supplier audits, CDG Inspection professionals give you a clear picture of the status and work ethics of your intended supplier. Further, here are a few benefits that you will enjoy because of supplier verification audits:

Avoidance of illegal/fake suppliers who might bring your business down.
A surety of working with the vendors who will provide the best quality products/services.
A better idea about the processes and capacity of your supplier to plan your activities accordingly.
It will help you ensure a seamless supply chain with minimal stoppages and satisfied customers.
You can keep an eye on your suppliers’ performance and adjust your production accordingly.

How Supplier Verification Audits are carried out?

A team of highly-trained auditors is selected for the Factory audits. These audits are conducted on the vendor’s site and check their facilities for multiple factors including:
Background checks of the business and its authenticity.
Legal aspects including all the relevant licenses (business license, export license, etc.) and certifications required by the supplier to conduct business.
Construction of the facility in terms of capacity for storage, production, transport, and other similar aspects.
The Quality Management System in place at the vendors’ site and its effectiveness.
Assessment of processes, procedures, skill-levels of employees and other human resource details.
The role and effectiveness of the Quality Assurance department in the organization.

What Is a Supplier Audit?

A supplier audit inspects a supplier’s usage of industry regulation practices, including the health and safety and correct manufacturing processes. Generally, auditing a supplier covers a large area with several practices. Therefore, they are usually be spoken to the client’s requirements. The supplier auditing process can differ for each industry, from food to electrical goods.

Who Conducts a Supplier Audit?

The supplier audit process is typically initiated by an internal team of the buyer organisation led by someone in charge of procurement or quality department as a part of their due diligence review or annual review. This audit can also be outsourced to a competent inspection agency like CDG.

About CDG

CDG is one of very few inspection accredited (ISO 17020 accredited by ILAC channel) agencies in India. We conduct food safety or food hygiene inspections.