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CDG conduct Mechanical Seal Inspection in India. CDG is an accredited Inspection agency in India. We conduct inspection of mechanical seals as per ASTM F1158, ASTM F1157 & ISO 17712.

A security seal is a device intended to detect tampering or entry. Security Seals are used for a variety of applications including access control, packages integrity, inventory, shipment integrity, container security, rail transportation security, prevention and detection of theft, hazardous materials liability, cybersecurity, national defence and military services, law enforcement, etc. A Security Seal is used to provide an indication that tampering, unauthorized entry or theft has occurred.

What are security seals made of?

Plastics, heavy metal, cable, and wires are now used to make mechanical seals ranging from small and simple lightweight plastic security seals to large iron and steel devices that serve as barriers to unauthorized opening.

Types of security seals

• High security seal
• Security seal
• Indicative seal

TWhat we do

CDG is India’s first accredited testing laboratory(ISO 17025 accredited) & accredited inspection agency (ISO 17020 accredited) for mechanical security seals.