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Racking systems inspection from CDG – independent assessment and training to ensure the reliability, functionality, safety and integrity of your racking systems. The everyday wear and tear from warehouse operations ultimately increases the structural stress levels of your racking systems. This affects their structural integrity and load-bearing capacity, making your racking systems potentially unsafe. That’s why regular assessment is essential. Our reliable racking systems inspection services help you to ensure that your equipment is safe to use and capable of providing the highest levels of productivity.

Why choose racking systems inspection from CDG?

We can help you:
Identify and report problems before they become serious
Confirm the safety, integrity and reliability of your racking systems
Minimize the risk of workplace accidents or racking system collapse
Ensure worker safety and prevent injury, loss of life, heavy fines, compensation claims and legal action as a result of faulty equipment
Maintain safety standards and comply with international regulations
Enable your personnel to conduct their own professional and cost-effective in-house inspections.

What are the benefits of rack inspections?

Reliable supply chain. Warehouses play a vital role in the overall supply chain. Here, the products are stored, and the orders picked, packed, packaged and labelled for delivery. When done right, customer satisfaction goes up several notches.

Racks are the backbone of the warehouse. By enabling products to be stacked in an organized and efficient manner, they ensure goods in the warehouse are easily accessible for order fulfilment. When the racks function properly, they are an asset to the warehouse, ensuring smooth operation. Any mishap in the racking system can have adverse consequences which will ripple across the entire supply chain.

Good staff morale. Work occupies a good part of our waking hours and affect our health and wellbeing. Undesirable working conditions will invariably affect staff performance, increasing error rates and injuries. But the contrary is also true. With a good working environment, sound safety record and positive vibes, employees will be motivated to work harder and thus help the business to grow.

Longer shelf life. Storage racks are built to last. How long they last will depend on the environment in which they operate, and maintenance. Damaged upright frames, dented and bent beams or corroded components reduce their durability and longevity. By implementing a proper system of inspection and maintenance, the racks will provide more years of service.

Accidents are costly. The greatest risk of accidents is death, human lives cannot be replaced. Also property losses can be detrimental to businesses. Even relatively minor incidents can lead to loss of productivity, higher insurance premiums and possible fines for contravening safety regulations. Accidents involving racking systems are avoidable if preventive measures are adopted and the proper precautions are taken. By ensuring the warehouse is accident-free, the company can save a lot of money.

Insurance premium. In determining premiums for policyholders, insurance companies use risk assessment to calculate premium rates. Several factors are taken into account to gauge the risk that companies may file a claim against their policy. For warehouses, the critical risk factors often include fire, flood or security hazards, hazardous substances, employee safety, product damage and equipment failure. Warehouses which are considered low risk can expect lower insurance premiums.

About CDG

CDG is one of very few inspection accredited (ISO 17020 accredited by ILAC channel) agencies in India. We conduct food safety or food hygiene inspections.