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CDG Furniture testing facility, working to ISO 17025, is an international centre of excellence for furniture testing, and innovation. Our expertise makes CDG the premier technical partner for suppliers, manufacturers and retailers of furniture and its components. We test against national, European and international standards, as well as key retailer specifications, to give you confidence that your furniture is fit for purpose and safe to use.

Confirm the compliance to regulation, quality, safety, durability and performance of your furniture products with CDG furniture testing services. The legislation, regulations and standards governing the furniture industry are often different from one market to the next. Regulation will require you to follow mandatory, or not standard to prove the safety of your product. When designing, producing and releasing your furniture products to market, you need to meet a variety of safety standards to comply with regulations, or to strength and durability standards, to demonstrate the quality of your product.

We offer you comprehensive furniture testing to help you to assess the safety and the durability of a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture products for adults and children, including:

Mechanical testing
Chemical testing
Finish testing
Textile testing
Flammability testing
Electrical safety and performance testing
Comparison testing/fit for use (FFU) test/performance test.

The furniture testing laboratory is equipped with advanced equipment to perform wide range of furniture and furniture material tests. When purchasing furniture, one finds that there are no European Directives that refer particularly to furniture. However, the “General Product Safety Directive” gives general requirements that apply to certain aspects of products that are not regulated by particular Directives. The Product Safety Act obliges producers to place only safe products on the market. A safe product means a product which, under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, does not present any risk or only the minimum risks, compatible with the product’s use, which are considered as acceptable and consistent with a high level of protection for the safety and health of persons. This is also applied for the furniture safety. There are issued many standards concerning to determine furniture performance.

Examples of what is examined when testing of furniture include:
Sections that can entrap fingers and other body parts;
Sharp edges and corners;
Shear and squeeze points;
Stability of the unit;
Structural strength.
Durability of the unit.

Please select from the menu list types of furniture or select the standards link to find out more about the tests and furniture testing services that can be performed at our laboratory.

Types Of Furniture Testing

Storage furniture testing
Tables and desks testing
Chair testing
Office chair testing
Tables, chairs for educational institutions testing
Sofa’s testing
Bed’s testing
Bunk, high beds testing
Storage units, workbenches for laboratory testing
Children’s high chair testing
Ranked seating testing
Office screens testing
Children’s cots, folding cots.

Performing furniture testing
CDG specialized laboratories are equipped with advanced robotic and hydraulic systems that allow us to provide comprehensive capabilities for a full range of furniture. We combine static and cyclic tests to simulate the stresses that would be placed on furniture in a normal-use environment and give you results close to real product behaviour in an application. We conduct furniture testing in accordance with all the major standards such as ANSI/BIFMA, SEFA, ANSI/SOHO, ANSI/KCMA, CKCA and CGSB.

Our test reports provide detailed and accurate results that can be used to eliminate the hazards and uncertainties associated with production, maintaining your product for long service life.