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Fire Safety audit is a systematic and independent evaluation of the fire risks present in the premises and involve recommendations about appropriate measures to control and mitigate the effects of fires. A Fire Safety audit is a systematic evaluation of the building or a work premises to evaluate the fire risks involved. This audit is useful for assessing the fire hazards that can occur during the day-to-day activities carried out at the workplace or any building. For the construction of any building in India, the National Building Code or NBC is followed.

Usually, the fire and safety rules or Acts of any state are based on this code only. You will have to comply with this code. The code keeps changing from time to time, and if you fail to make the changes in your fire and safety measure, you will be considered as violating the law, and action will be taken against you. Not everyone is aware of this NBC and the changes that take place in the code. So, it is always good to get help from the best industrial fire safety audit service providers. Here is some useful information about fire and safety audits that can help you understand them better.

Organizations applicable for Fire Safety Audit : Industry bodies, Offices, Hotel and Corporate Houses etc.

Benefits of Fire Safety Audit:

Fire Safety audits enable the organizations to address the issues by identifying the following:
Identify all significant fire hazards.
Identify the people who are at risk from each hazard.
Evaluate if existing control measures reduce risk to a tolerable level.
Determine the required additional control measures required.
Availability of adequate means of escape from the premises in case of fire.
Availability of suitable fire detection and firefighting facilities.
Availability of suitable emergency plan detailing responsibilities and actions of key personnel.
Training, information and instruction to all occupants of premises about fire safety.
Upkeep and testing of all fire safety equipment and precautions.


Methodology of conducting the Fire Safety Audits involves the following:
A walkthrough the concerned premises.
Review of the layout and drawings.
Review of the existing firefighting systems in the premises.
Review of the training and awareness regarding availability and operations of the firefighting systems in and across the organization.
Recommendations for corrective and preventive actions
Update fire safety risk management data base
Prepare additional reports or relevant paperwork and send as soon as possible
If necessary, arrange and undertake any follow up action etc.

Audit Team:
The company’s audit team consists of experienced auditors having more than 25 years of auditing experience in the field across various industries.

Scope of Work for Fire Safety Audit in India
Fire safety audit companies conduct a thorough inspection of all the units and departments in the workplace or building. They make sure that all the ventilation systems, fire prevention and control systems, safety management systems, evacuation systems, and the emergency preparedness of the workplace. Usually, the fire audit team will have a set of points or a checklist that is followed for conducting the fire safety audit at the workplace.

Our Accreditation

CDG is one of very few inspection agencies in India which are accredited (ISO 17020 accredited by ILAC channel) for ‘fire safety inspection. We conduct fire safety inspections as per IS & NFPA standards.