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Factory compliance audits are one of the best ways to get a full picture of your supplier’s sourcing and operational policies, and ensure that they align with your company’s brand image. The type(s) of audit that’s best for your company depends on the type of product or service you provide.

While most organizations have in-house personnel who manage environmental, health, and safety programs on a day-to-day basis, periodic audits by expert third-party auditors have become indispensable for many organizations. Unlike ongoing compliance management activities, compliance audits are evaluations of an organization, facility, or operation to determine its status with respect to applicable, predetermined audit criteria. The scope and audit criteria can be tailored to each organization’s needs, and related assessments or tasks can be integrated into the audit process to its maximize value.

When you are considering a new supplier, it is essential to vet them as thoroughly as possible. Imagine you place your first order with a factory that seems to check all the boxes. But, down the road, you end up with an endless stream of headaches due to excessive product defects.

The purpose of a factory quality control audit is to help our clients verify the capability and suitability of their suppliers. This factory assessment is typically carried out by an internal or external quality auditor or factory auditor. Typically, these services would start out with a standard supplier evaluation or factory assessment and trigger a process of continuous improvement. At CDG, we are compliance auditing experts with the ability to perform comprehensive factory audits that go beyond the norm. Our teams consistently deliver accurate and reliable audit results and practical corrective action recommendations.

Why companies need Factory Audits, The factory audits, each type, all lead to the ultimate goal of protecting your company’s image and your brand image(s). They allow an independent third-party auditor to objectively evaluate core objectives of safety, security, ethical operations, compliance of government regulations, adherence to your company’s standards, and to avoid costly supply chain interruptions.

Our Accreditation

CDG is one of very few inspection agencies in India which are accredited (ISO 17020 accredited by ILAC channel) for ‘factory compliance audit’.